Ismael Baum

English / Español

Enthusiastic Software Engineer, experienced in working with professional design and engineering teams. Experience in the financial industry, education, software development, and customer support.

Interested in all kinds of software, from data analysis and e-commerce to artificial intelligence, procedural generation, and much more.

Knowledgeable in electronics, dabbled in several IoT projects, contributed to a light art installation for the National Gallery in Costa Rica.

Passionate about education at all levels.

100% proficiency in English and Spanish.

Work Experience

IT Specialist @ PredictaBill & BLP Legal
Sep 2021 - Present

Leading innovation projects and software development for Alternative Legal Service Providers.

  • .Net (C#)
  • React JS
  • React Native
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure Storage Accounts
  • Azure App Services
  • Azure Logic Apps
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure Computer Vision
  • Azure Service Bus
  • Microsoft Bot Framework
  • Office Add-In development
  • Azure SQL Server
  • WordPress & WooCommerce
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Software Engineer @ Neustar
Aug 2020 - Jul 2021

Part of a team in charge of the full lifecycle of the Localeze local search product. Angular web app for company data management and processing of big data sets with Jenkins pipelines.

  • .Net (C#)
  • JavaScript, TypeScript & Angular
  • Jenkins
  • IIS (Windows servers)
  • MySQL & SQL Server
  • AWS S3
  • Git
  • Liquibase
  • RabbitMQ
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Software Development Engineering @ Fiserv
Jan 2018 - Aug 2020
Nov 2014 - Jul 2017

I have worked on several banking products and services over the years. I won't go into details for each project, but can list some of the technologies I've had to use.

  • JavaScript, TypeScript & Angular
  • Java EE & Apache Groovy
  • .Net (C#), MVC & MVVM
  • SQL Server & PostgreSQL
  • IIS (Windows servers) & Linux servers
  • Git, TFS & SVN
  • AD FS & LDAP
  • Progress OpenEdge
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Professor @ Universidad Latina de Costa Rica
Sep 2018 - Dec 2018
Jan 2017 - Dec 2017

I worked as a professor at Universidad Latina, teaching the following courses for Engineering programs.

  • Software Engineering Project IV
    (video game development with Unity)
  • Data Structures
  • Software Engineering Processes
  • Programming II
  • Programming I
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Software Support Technical Consultant @ Tek Experts
Jun 2014 - Oct 2014

Client facing support for HPE's testing and automation solution Unified Functional Testing (previously known as Quick Test Professional).

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Law @ Universidad Latina de Costa Rica
2020 - Present

Software Engineering @ Universidad Latina de Costa Rica
2010 - 2013

Digital Animation (Incomplete) @ Universidad Véritas
2009 - 2010


Java | C# | VB
C | C++
MySQL | SQL Server | PostgreSQL
Git | TFS | SVN
Autodesk Maya
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects

Volunteering & Recognitions

La Esquina
Mar 2019 - Present

I volunteer at La Esquina, helping adolescents and young adults from regions with elevated social risk. We give them sessions every week on a variety of topics, from science and technology to sex education and soft skills training. The main purpose is to keep them in school, prepare them to get jobs and broaden their world view. La Esquina is primarily funded by the volunteers.

We also have members assigned to give them one on one support and mentorship outside of the allocated weekly sessions.

La Esquina

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Public Financial Management Hackathon - 1st place
@ International Monetary Fund & Ministerio de Hacienda de Costa Rica
Jul 2019

The Costa Rican Treasury collaborated with the IMF to organize a Hackathon that would address a specific problem with public finance management for social programs in Costa Rica. I participated individually and was assigned a team of 4 other participants. We developed a prototype over 2 days and won the competition.

We were invited to the IMF Annual Meetings in Washington D.C. and I was in charge with presenting our proposal at the event.

Ministerio de Hacienda

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World Robot Olympiad team coach
Senior category (ages 16-19)
@ Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica
Aug 2016

I participated as a team coach for the WRO in Costa Rica, coaching a team of 2 to compete in the senior category (16 - 19 years old). We finished in the top 10 finalists.

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Reto Movistar - 1st place
@ Fundación Telefónica
Nov 2016

Design and prototype of Fermapp, a Progressive Web Application for high-school level mathematics education. Won first place in this national contest.

I worked on this with a close friend. We are both very passionate about math, software, and education. Created a prototype and delivered a pitch for the jury, which consisted of representatives from 4 different education institutions and foundations (including the Public Education Ministry).

La República
Revista Summa
Fundación Omar Dengo

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Programathon - 2nd place
@ Fiserv
Sep 2014

36 hour national programming competition organized by Fiserv. I participated with 2 friends and we won second place, resulting in cash prizes and a job offer.

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World Robot Olympiad team coach
Elementary category (ages < 13)
@ Universidad Latina de Costa Rica
Aug 2014

I participated as a team coach for the WRO in Costa Rica, coaching a team of 3 to compete in the elementary category (< 13 years old).

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Laureate Award for Excellence in Robotic Engineering - top 10 finalists worldwide
@ Laureate International Universities
Apr 2014

Godinrob was a robot designed to show people around campus at Universidad Latina. It was a car-like vehicle with a tablet mounted on a scissor lift to show videos when reaching predefined locations. It included ultrasonic sensors to avoid obstacles and moving arms to go down stairs without falling over. It used a predefined map and routing system, mixed with the motors' odometers and the ultrasonic sensors to verify its position on the map.

The system as a whole consisted of 2 vehicles, both came out of a station with a computer on top. The user would select a destination on the computer (from a Java application developed for the project), the computer would send a message to the NXT controller (which processed all navigation). When reaching specific locations, the NXT would raise the tablet, communicate with it to show a short video and then continue on its path.

I was called as a consultant and lead programmer.

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Other Projects

Light Art Installation @ Costa Rican National Gallery
Dec 2016 - Feb 2017

Light art installation developed and set up at the Costa Rican National Gallery.

Consisted of 2 Raspberry Pis connected directly via ethernet, each controlling one screen. One of them showed videos created by the team in a loop, while detecting people that came close to watch with an ultrasonic sensor, when this happened it would use a camera to take a portrait of the person that approached it. The pictures would be sent to the other RasPi, which was connected to a screen disguised as a painting and mounted on an easel. These pictures would loop and disappear after a certain amount of new pictures had been taken. Basically, it would transform the viewers into temporary artworks.

I worked on this with a group of 4 other artists, each of us created a video to show (related to portraits and light) and I set up all the technical parts. Configured the equipment and programmed a few Python scripts to make everything work together as expected. It was on display for 2 months.

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Character T-Shirts @ Universidad Latina de Costa Rica

I designed this collection of t-shirts to wear to a Programming course I was teaching. Every week I would have a new character, and part of the exercises developed in the class would be related to the character in some way.

The idea was to inspire the students and introduce them to important figures they may not know about. My personal favorites, which I still wear on occasion, are Harrison and Feynman.

The text is on the back of each shirt.

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Panteras @ Universidad Latina de Costa Rica

Developed a multi-platform mobile application with Java and the Codename One framework for Universidad Latina. To make this work, I also developed a web platform so that university personnel could publish news for the users and a desktop Java application to allow administrators to update the information displayed in the app.

The app showed information for every program the university offers, other universities from Laureate International Universities that offer each program, and contact information. Other relevant information about the university, available transportation to and from the university, maps showing the different sites around the country, news from the user's specified department(s), and more.

The mobile UI was developed in collaboration with Darwin Zone, a digital agency hired by the university. Also had to coordinate with the IT department to handle hosting databases and services developed for the project.

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San José, Costa Rica

(+506) 8331-0757